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Southern California is an out of this world place.  The surf world is moving from long boards to short.  Skateboarding is an incredible world of hide and seek from police, city officials, and local business people that didn't understand - we just wanna have fun.  Motocross and BMX are a legitimate off-road experience.  Bikers are ruling the road.  Punk rock is in your face!  And with this we shout FREEDOM!

Anarchy Ranch takes it back to the streets.  Find your Anarchy Ranch!

Motorcycle Gear by Bikers for Bikers - Buy Now to Ride On!

At UltimateMotorcycleGear.com we started out as motorcycle enthusiasts just like you.  Some may call us bikers, but that only encompasses a small part of what it takes to bring you the best motorcycle gear at the best prices.  We demanded quality leather for all of our motorcycle jackets, chaps, and vests. We know you want more than a leather jacket.  It takes courage and grit to take to the open road.  We are bringing that mindset to the internet with Ultimatemotorcyclegear.com!  By Bikers for Bikers. Ride On and enjoy the journey together.

75 needs Motorcycle Jacket


At right: Check out the owner of UltimateMotorcycleGear.com's pride and joy: 1975 HD Shovelhead FXE modified street racer.  This bike features a Mikuni carb w/K&N manifold, GMA brakes, and 2 to 1 airplane exhaust. Custom paint is said to be 1930's era racing colors. Yes - it is as mean as it looks!


It all started with a leather jacket...  Growing up riding motocross and being a punker, it took only a short while to get into motorcycle gear.  So, from the beginning, it was well known that motorcycle jackets were for both protection and fashion.  But not just any leather jacket would do.  The leather jacket had to be unlike other motorcycle jackets with studs and patches to identify the motorcycle gear as that of a hardcore rider!  That initial passion is what fuels Ultimatemotorcyclegear.com!


There is an Ultimate difference with our Motorcycle Gear!


We wear the motorcycle jackets sold on Ultimatemotorcycle gear.  We are bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts that wear our leather jacket proudly.  Riding makes us know what motorcycle gear needs to protect.  We know what motorcycle jackets should feel like.  Knowing that motorcycle gear is important for both protection and fashion, we deliver the motorcycle jacket you want!  We take pride in delivering motorcycle gear at the best prices. We demand the finest quality leather for our motorcycle jackets.  By Bikers - For Bikers!



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